Radio: Pinpointing Property Lines

 Radio: Pinpointing Property Lines

If you're thinking of building out toward the edges of your lot, you first need to determine the exact location of your property lines. The only legally binding way to do that is to hire a professional surveyor. Still, there are several ways you can do a little detective work yourself.

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One is to pay a visit to your local zoning department. For a few bucks, they'll give you copies of plats, the official maps that show the precise dimensions of your property. The location of streetlights can be another tipoff. They're frequently installed directly on property lines. Same goes for expansion cuts that contractors add to sidewalks.

You can also poke around the approximate corners of your property to see if you can locate survey “pins”. Those are thin, iron bars, usually two or three feet long, that the original surveyors of your property drove into the ground (they often have a plastic cap that peeks out from the turf). Don't necessarily assume, though, that survey pins tell the whole story. They're sometimes inadvertently moved by contractors or city workers.

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