How to make sheep cupcakes

How to make sheep cupcakes

Ingredients Licorice - sheep faces and ears Small Marshmallows-sheep wool Any cupcake mixture for the body

Make the cupcake up to the part where you put the icing on them and just let them cool

Separate the different colours of marshmallows

Cooked cupcakes

On the cooling rack

All the sheep ingredients

Icing don't ask why is yellow it was ment to be white ??

Get a cupcake

Put the icing in a bag

Cut a little hole

Hole in the bag !!

Squeeze the icing out of the bag


Smooth it with a knife

Add marshmallows to the cupcake

Keep adding

Forget about the head in this one it was a try and error thing

Add ears

And yes if you want

This is the proper head you use

Pink one


All the sheep enjoy !!

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