How to make delicious orange and water melon juice

How to make delicious orange and water melon juice

First rule of juicing! ALWAYS fill the sink with hot soapy water ready to chuck your juicer in once juice is made! :-)

Slice chunk of watermelon into thick slices

Take away skin

Will look like this

Roughly dice

Cut top off orange

And bottom :-)

Cut 2 thin slices to garnish glasses

Small cut so it will go on glass.

Like so :-)

Peel the orange using a sawing action with your serrated knife and follow round the shape of the orange, you can also peel with your hands either way is fine!

Don't worry about a small amount of white left on the orange it's fine..

Cut in half

Half again

Into chunks, 2-3 cuts

Repeat until both oranges look like this...

Start juicing! For those of you without one of these don't worry! You can also blend every thing in a blender with a little water to get it going and then strain out the pulp! :-)

I got 400ml (2cups) of watermelon juice!

Then add the orange!

Pulp will come out one side, juice the other!

Give the stuff a helping hand to go down the shoot!

800ml fresh delicious juice! Amount will vary depending on fruit... This is enough for 2 nice size glasses!

Take juicer apart and put into warm soapy water to make cleaning super quick!

Push off excess pulp from juicer parts before putting in sink!

That way your drains won't get clogged!

Once everything is in give it a quick was and leave to drain while you...

Poor your juice into a glass!

Add a straw and enjoy! It'll taste even better knowing everything is already tidy in the kitchen! :-)

You can really have some fun with fresh juices! Let me know how you get on! Any thoughts and questions you have! I'll be more than happy to help! :-)

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