How to do ombre nails

How to do ombre nails

You need. Nail polish in 3 colors. Make up sponge (which you will soak in water before you start. It should be just moist). A nail file and something to press down your cuticles with.

Apply the nail polish to the edge of the moist sponge. The darkest color closest to the edge. Continue with lighter and lighter colors. Put at least two layers polish on the sponge.

Put the edge of the sponge to the tip of your nail. Dab the sponge onto you nail. Repeat until you've covered the nail. If the sponge runs out of polish, add some more. Continue to all of your nails.

When you're done. It will probably look a bit messy, but thats alright. We're going to fix it with some nail polish remover and a q-tip.

Clean up the sides of you nails with some nail polish remover.

And you're done! If you like, add a top coat when the polish is completely dry.

Watch the video: Easy tip ombre. dip powder nails