Radio: Get a Taste of Lasagna Gardening

 Radio: Get a Taste of Lasagna Gardening

Also known as sheet mulching, lasagna gardening provides for richer soil and fewer weeds. The best part? You don't have to use any chemicals.

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Lasagna gardening involves a nutrient system akin to the rainforest floor, where layers of decaying materials naturally suppress weed growth while supporting a rich variety of plant life.

To get started, place compost or manure directly on your grass. The nitrogen in the fertilizer stimulates the soil.

Next, lay a five-inch weed barrier (preferably an organic material like cardboard or newspaper) over the area. As you're laying to down, be sure to give the barrier a good soaking.

Now add a mixture of compost and grass clippings (or decaying leaves), taking care to ensure the latter isn't laced with weed seeds. That would only undermine your efforts.

To finish, top things off with a 3-inch layer of mulch-wood chips or pine bark. You'll need to replenish it over the season, but that's all the maintenance lasagna gardening requires. No tilling necessary!

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